Vaughn West

Vaughn West

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  • 185 Miles Ave NW Canton, OH 44708, Canton, OH 44708
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Allen Dowling

"I never thought about using a broker to help with my sale until my health did not allow me to meet every tire kicker looking to buy a plane. I told Vaughn what I wanted and how I saw the sale going, and he delivered just that. He was able to secure more than I had anticipated. Which, was a huge bonus. I was shorting myself on the aircraft value. Vaughn is a stand-up guy! He kept me informed during the entire process, I always knew what to expect, and the closing was super simple. I have been telling everyo

Ken Mjean

I am a student pilot that decided it would be more beneficial to purchase a small plane for training than to rent.
I had no idea what I was doing when I started shopping.
I contacted Vaughn about purchasing a Cessna 150 that was posted on a sales web site.
He reached out to me about the plane and after a long they discussion about my mission with the plane and the fact that I didn’t have any idea how the purchase process worked, Vaughn walked me through the process every step of the way.
He pointed me i