The Training

Upon approval of being a USA Aircraft Area Broker you will be invited to attend online classes.  During the online classes:

  • You will be trained on techniques for listing and selling all types of aircraft, completing contracts and forms for listing, selling, leaseback, and obtaining financial assistance. A complete training manual will be provided.  
  • We will review the aircraft inventory from which you may begin selling.
  • You will learn how to set up Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) as your sales agents and how to recruit sales agents.
  • You will learn how to use telemarketing techniques inform aircraft owners of all our services.
  • You will learn about aircraft appraisal and how to photograph aircraft.
  • Services we provide for the $185 per month support fee
  • We will provide a Value Reference aircraft appraisals or "Vref" for your listings at no cost to you.  
  • We will place your aircraft listings on our Multi Listing Service (MLS) dealer/broker network. This is a network of affiliated dealers and brokers.  The advantage of this listing service is that one of our affiliates may already have a buyer for your newly listed plane. We sell from the inventory of affiliated dealers and arrange commission agreements for aircrafts from that inventory.  We split our commission with those dealers/brokers, similar to what is done by two real estate brokers.  
  • We provide aircraft locating searches through our USA MLS Network for your buyers, from whom you have received a signed buyer’s agreement.   Even if we do not have a particular aircraft in our own inventory, we may be able to locate the aircraft for your buyer through our network.
  • We provide phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We assist you through each transaction to make sure your Area Brokerage is successful.
  • We will assemble, address, and mail a USA Aircraft Brokers newsletters. The newsletters are an essential tool that we set up for you to use and that will benefit your client, but is an added cost, that you will be responsible for.
  • We will supply contracts, business cards, presentation folders, description forms, and all other documents needed to complete your transactions.


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