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2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart

  • Price: Sold
  • Year: 2004
  • Serial: GA-LH-007
  • Registration: N110N
  • TTAF: 126
  • Ad Type: Under Contract
  • Location: Pensacola, FL
  • Type: Sold
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
  • 2004 Obert Neal (Griffon) Lionheart
This one of the most unique classic looking airplanes in existence!!!
This 2004 Obert Neal Griffone Aerospace LionHeart is the only know airworthy aircraft of its kind. LionHeart is a modern derivative of the "Learjet of the 30's", the Staggerwing Beech. The negative stagger biplane arrangement provides numerous advantages, some aerodynamic and some construction related, but also represents a classic elegance not duplicated until now.
One of the primary design objectives was a 210 mph plus, long distance cruising machine. Having 450 HP available in a reasonably light aircraft for its size is certainly an asset in achieving the desired performance goals. The low power loading numbers translate into fairly impressive short field take-off capability and climb performance. Performance estimates predicted the design goal of 210 mph cruise at 75% power at 9000 feet. The LionHeart is an Classification Experimental aircraft.
Airframe Details:
Total Airframe Time: 126.4 Hrs

Kit Manufacturer: Griffone Aerospace
Airworthiness Cert: June 04, 2004
Category: Amateur Built
Classification: Experimental
Year Mfg.: 2004

Weight and Balance: 2007
Standard Empty Wt: 3650 pounds
Gross Wt: 5550 pounds
Useful Load: 1900 pounds
Engine(s) Details:
Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney
Model: R-985 AN-14B APS4
SN: JP204157
Engine Type: Reciprocating
Mfg TBO: 1200 to 1400 hours recommended depending on oil usage. 1200 hours is considered TBO for this appraisal due to AD (Airworthiness Directive 68-09-01).

Total Time Since New: 3607.5 hours since new
Time Since Overhaul: 126.4
Date of Last Overhaul: January 8, 2003
Time Remaining / TBO: 1073.6

Propeller Manufacturer: Hamilton Standard
Propeller Type: Constant Speed, Feathering
Model: 22D30
Number of Blades: Two Blades
Mfg TBO: 1200 hours
Hub Serial Number: E7480
Blade Model Number: 6531A-15
Blade Serial Number: (1) SN: N657666 6531A (2) SN: 666939
Time Since New: 126.4 hours
Time Since Overhaul: 126.2 hours
Overhaul Date: November 1, 2006
Time Remaining / TBO: 1073.6
•IFR and EFIS Equipped
•Not TCAS or ADDS-B Equipped
•Airspeed Indicators - Chelton EFIS - Sierra
•Annunciator Panel - Chelton - Sierra
•Altimeters - Chelton EFIS
•Attitude Indicator - Chelton EFIS
•Audio Selector Panel - Apollo - SL15
•Autopilot/AFCS - TS Digital
•EFIS Primary Flight Display (PFD) (2) - Chelton - Sierra
•EHSI Multifunction Display (MFD) (2) Chelton - Sierra
•ELT - ACK Technologies Inc. - EO-01
•Flap Position Light Indicator
•Fuel Management System - Chelton - Sierra
•GPS/Nav/Com/wGS -1/WAAS - Apollo - CNX60
•GPS/Nav/Com/wGS -2 - Apollo - SL30
•Heading Indicators - Chelton EFIS - Sierrra
•Magnetometer - Chelton - Sierra
•Marker Beacon - Apollo - SL15
•Intercom - Apollo - SL15
•Satellite Data/Radio Receiver/XM - Chelton - Sierra
•Standby Flight Instrument EFIS (2) - Chelton EFIS - Sierra
•Turn Coordinators - Chelton EFIS - Sierra
•Transponder - Apollo - SL70
•Weather Storm Scope - Chelton - Sierra
Interior Description & Condition:
The interior furnishings consist of two forward cockpit seats, two passenger middle seats and two aft seats. At the time of this Inspection the interior was removed for maintenance. The removed seats, sidewalls and flooring were beige and black fabric material and appeared to be in excellent condition. The cabin ceiling contains lights and air vents. Passenger oxygen mask connection boxes are located on the cabin sidewalls.

Air Conditioned Cabin: Heater & Defrost
Entertainment System: Equipped with a Sony MP3 player
Oxygen: Equipped with supplement oxygen and passenger mask jacks.

Interior Summary:
The interior configuration and installed furnishings on the aircraft are considered typical for the make, model. The interior was reported to be the original installation in 2004 and is reported to be in excellent condition absent of excessive wear and tear. Additional Interior Items include a Sony MP3 player and Supplemental Oxygen.
Exterior Paint Colors:
*Rated 10 out of 10
Fuselage White base with Black and Red stripes extending from front fuselage to the empennage. Engine cowls Black and Red leading edges. Lionhearted lettering on the tail Black and Red. Aircraft numbering and letters are Red Numbers / Letters with Grey outlining. Tail Radial Logo in Grey.

Base color: White
Trim color: Black
Trim color: Red
Tail Logo: Grey Radial Design
Registration No. Black N and Red 110N.

Age of Paint: Original Paint 2006

Paint Condition:
The paint is virtually flawless. Only a few small scratch were noticed on the leading edges. External painted surfaces have a deep rich wet look. There is no pooling, sagging, running, orange peeling, or thin areas or over-spray on any painted surfaces. Stripes and numbers are well defined with crisp lines and no irregularities. The paint appears to be of high quality. Paint is considered to be in excellent condition for the year, make, model and no defects noted.
*Aircraft is currently in annual
Addition Features, Equipment or Comments:
• Forward looking TV Camera System
• Air Induction System
• Landing Gear Doors
• Aerodynamic Wheel Well Fairings
• Hub Caps
• Landing Light System
• Passenger Reading LED Lights
• Pilot / Copilot Dimming LED Lights
• Aisle Lighting System
• Ventilation System
• Oxygen System
• Aerodynamic Rudder Centering
• Cowl Flap
• Pilot / Copilot Opening Side Windows
• Recaro Electric Seats for Pilot / Copilot
• Various Fiberglass Covers for Cabling and Autopilot Servos
• Fuel Management System: Chelton Sierra
• Panel Configurations: Pilot and Copilot panel have full IFR instruments.

* Aircraft located at Pensacola International Airport (PNS) in Pensacola, FL

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Registration: N110N