2006 Waco YMF-F5C

Price $ 250,000.00
Year 2006
Serial F5C112
Registration N119SW
TTAF 351.2
Ad Type Under Contract
Location Pace, FL
Type Sold
Summary Don't miss out on owning this beautiful modernized One of A Kind classic biplane by Waco Classic Aircraft that hold the "Transcontinental World Speed Record" from Boston, MA to San Diego, CA in Sept 2006,
Fresh Annual: 11/2022
Airframe Details: Aircraft OEM: Waco Classic Aircraft
Total Time on Airframe: 351.2 Hours

Weight and Balance: September 26, 2017
Standard Empty Wt: 2,227.0 pounds
Gross Wt: 2950 pounds
Useful Load: 723.0 pounds

Equipped for Known Icing Conditions: Not Equipped
Airframe: Equipped
Propeller: Equipped
Pitot Static: Equipped
Stall Warning: Not equipped
Windshield: Not equipped
Ice Detection Lights: Not equipped

Ice & Rain Protection Systems Comments:
This Subject aircraft is (not) equipped nor is it designed to be equipped for flight into known 1cmg conditions. The limited ice protection system installed (pilot heat) is reported to be in average serviceable condition.
Engine Detail Engine Type: Reciprocating, Radial, 7 cylinder, air cooled, direct drive engine. 275 HP @ 2200 RPM
Engine Mfg: Jacobs Aircraft Engine
Engine Model: R755B2M
Engine S/N: 16428
Total Engine Time: 351.2 Hours
Total Time Since New: 3495.9 Hours
Mfg TBO: 1400 hrs
Engine Modifications: STC-SE01288WI@ 1/24/06 & 3144.7 TT

Prop Manufacturer: M-T Propeller
Prop Type: Variable Pitch
Prop Model: MTV15-AA-C I 236-29
Prop SN: 170651
Number of Blades: Two Blades
Mfg TBO: 1800 hours or 72 calendar months
Prop Time Since New: 0.0
Prop Time Since Overhaul: 0.0 hours
Prop Installed new on September 28, 2017
Time Remaining I TBO: 1800 hours
Avionics Full Panel Aft Seat, RPM, Airspeed & Altimeter forward seat.
IFR Equipped: Current Cert.
EFIS or Analog: Analog
ADDS-B Equipped: Yes, Out
Airspeed Indicator (2) - Waco
Audio Selector Panel - Garmin - GMA347
Autopilot I AFCS
Aux Music Jack - Garmin - GMA347
CDI Indicator-Interface SL 30 - Garmin - MD 200-306
Clock: Davtron - (2 Indicators) M811P & MB
Compass - magnetic
EFSI Multifunction Display (MFD) - Garmin - GMX200
EHSI Heading Display -- Garmin - GMX200
Fuel Flow Meter - JPI - EDM 700-7C
GPS/Nav/Com/wGS -1 – Garmin - GNS430W
Portable GPS Map Display – Garmin - GPS MAP696
Nav/Com/wGS -2- Interface to Sandel – Garmin - - SL30
Intercom – Garmin – SL15
RPM lndicat.or (2) - Waco
Transponder – Garmin - GX345
Exterior Exterior paint Colors: Rated 10 out of 10
Overall Matterhorn white and Strawberry Pearl on the top, bottom cowling and Lower Fuselage and Rudder Empennage with Fawn Metallic and Gloss Black accent stripes along both sides of the fuselage, tail assembly and aircraft tail number.
Base color: Flame Red DHS4679 T
Trim color: Black Met DFHS95331
Accent Stripe: Carter Gold Met DFHS25387
Registration No. Carter Gold Met & Black Met

Paint Condition:
The paint is very attractive with the all "Flame Red" base and Carter Gold and Black Met Accent Stripe.
Waco and Speed Record decal provide a nice touch. With no drips, running, pooling or any workmanship discrepancies noted, the aircraft paint is considered to be in excellent condition
Interior: The interior furnishings consist of two open cockpit seats in tandem, a two passenger front seat and single pilot aft seat. All seats and sidewalls are covered in attractive gold beige leather and considered in excellent like new condition. The cockpit flooring is covered in black carpeting and is considered to be in excellent condition absent of excessive wear and tear. Instrument panels are very attractive in a black durable plastic material with gold beige leather "hand hold" on the lower edge of the front seats. The front passenger seats have an instrument panel outlined with mahogany colored plastic. Front seat has a combination lockable glove compartment on the instrument panel. Also, the front seat has a single control stick and power control throttle pedestal on the left sidewall. The aft pilot seat has the same attractive interior leather and carpeting as the front except that the leather glare shield is on the top edge of the panel.
Maintenance: Aircraft is always hangared when not flying
Full logs available
Last Annual: 11/2022
Addition Features, Equipment or Comments Dual Controls: Equipped
Stall Warning System: Equipped
Strobe Lights: Equipped
Landing Light: Equipped
Taxi Lights: Equipped
Navigation Lights: Equipped
Long Range Fuel: Optional 72 gal
Fuel Tank Quantity: 48 gal
Entertainment Systems: Music Jack
Intercom: Equipped
Glove Compartment: Forward cockpit equipped
Other Equipment: Cockpit cover

Aircraft is located at J22 Ranch (16FL) Grass/Turf airport in Pace, FL in a Private hangar.
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