USA Aircraft Brokers Testimonials


I never thought about using a broker to help with my sale...
"I never thought about using a broker to help with my sale until my health did not allow me to meet every tire kicker looking to buy a plane. I told Vaughn what I wanted and how I saw the sale going, and he delivered just that. He was able to secure more than I had anticipated. Which was a huge bonus. I was shorting myself on the aircraft value. Vaughn is a stand-up guy! He kept me informed during the entire process, I always knew what to expect, and the closing was super simple. I have been telling everyon


Satified Client
Carlos Cintron helped me out with a purchase of my Piper Cherokee. When dealing with Carlos, I really appreciated his swift response time. Also being able to be contacted via email or phone helped a lot because some things often get lost in emails, so I appreciated that he was available through both email, call and text. At first, there was some small miscommunication for the time we were going to meet the owner of the aircraft, but either way, it worked out for the better. I also appreciated Carlos meeting

Matias A

Satisfied Client

It is my pleasure to write a review on Scott Hager. Last month I bought my first plane, a 1978 Cessna 182 RG. I really appreciate having Scott as the broker in representation of USA Aircraft brokers.

Since I started the negotiation, he was available every time he was needed, going through all concerns and making this transaction as smooth as possible. The process of buying a 1978 plane is not an easy task, nor is the aircraft registration process for a non-US citizen but Scott went above and beyond my

Toff L

Satisfied Client
Keith, I have had the opportunity to work with Scott Hager this past month resulting in the successful sale of my Baron after 13 1/2 years of ownership. Scott has been magnificent! He undertook the resolution of several incomplete issues that my mechanic created but was unable to fix. Further, the previous broker, Jamie Steele, never got down to doing much to resolve any of these problems that Scott has tackled.

For the past 11 1/2 years I have been solicited by over two dozen brokers wanting to sell th

Kyle D

Satisfied Client
Scott made this deal happen, we fumbled around for a while on our own but it took a professional to get it done.
Scott was exceptionally efficient, and more importantly available to the partners. Scott quickly got Gertie (N1857R) listed after flying with me to get a sense of what plane was selling. Most important, to the partners, was facilitating the flow of information about the interest in Gertie and the offers we had. This was critical especially after our initial buyer dropped out inexplicably. After

Richard F

Referral Agent
I am in receipt of USA Aircraft Brokers Check #3094, in the amount of $692.50. I am so grateful for your generous sharing of the bounty. I am encouraged and will redouble my efforts to develop our local market. Thank you!

Cindy G

Area Broker
Everyday I look forward to what’s going to happen and who am I going to meet today. This opportunity had fallen in my lap and I am glad I didn’t pass it up! USA Aircraft Brokers, Inc. has given me the support I need to learn this Business, which has helped me find 7 of my FBO agents, guided me in the sales of my aircrafts, along with the several listings I have. There are few Women Brokers out there and I hope to open the door for others. This is the Best job I’ve ever had!

Dwight A

Referral Agent
Thanks to you I made my first aircraft referral commission of $2,350.00 in less than two minutes work! True to your word, I received a check for 10% of the gross commission. It has been a pleasure to work with USA Aircraft Brokers and I recommend USA Aircraft Brokers to anyone wanting to buy or sell an aircraft.

Jerry F

Referral Agent
I recently referred an aircraft for sale and received a nice check for $1125 for taking the listing and pictures of the plane. I also assist in delivery of aircraft as a ferry pilot. I enjoy the opportunity to meet fellow pilots and assist them in marketing their aircraft. If you need an aircraft delivered, or ferried for inspection by a prospective buyer, please give me the opportunity to assist in the sale.

Andrea P

Area Broker
I am an area broker and I just wanted to say the broker training was a unique experience. I learned everything I needed to know in order to sell an aircraft. This business is unique and exciting and Keith will prepare you to be an excellent broker... and he makes it fun as well! The mailers went out and prospective customers started calling right away. Very exciting!